Jacob's Ladder or Click Clack toy


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Jacob's Ladder Toy  also called    Click Clack Toy 
WARNING Jacobs ladders made IN CHINA from MDF contain dangerous FORMALDEHYDE which is CARCINOGENIC
Our strong Jacob's Ladder
This is one of the world's oldest toys, made in real wood with strong gross grain ribbon.
Because of our unique construction and great instructions, this one does many more tricks,
including all the letters of the alphabet
Australian postage only
The Dangers Of Cheap Wooden Toys - Many Are Made From Toxic Materials
Parents need to be very cautious when purchasing inexpensive, wooden toys, as they are often made from cheap, mass produced, MDF and Ply-woods.
MDF and Ply-wood are commonly bonded using toxic glues and other adhesive materials, this can also include the toxic chemical
Formaldehyde. All that is then needed is to top these toys off with a shiny, cheap coating of paint and lacquer, which could possibly contain 'lead' and you now have a wooden toy that is anything but natural and safe!
Cheap wooden toys are usually made in mass, in places like China, where quality control is very slack. It is quantity over quality, at the expense of both our health and the forests. Often these toys are finished with cheap, paints, glues & lacquers.
Never be fooled into thinking just because a toy has non-toxic listed on its box, that it is automatically safe .
Watch the video to see the tricks this one can do. Even all the letters of the alphabet. Click here
or watch on You Tube below
 See the tricks that it can do below

Two Up

Two Down

Magnetic Block



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